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Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo was first established by Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo and has roots going as far back as 1758 when Cuervo was granted land by King Ferdinand VI of Spain. This historically-significant brand sells a fifth of the entire world’s tequila with over 4.68 million cases sold in the US in 2020 alone. Jose Cuervo has been family-owned for over 250 years with an 11th-generation Cuervo still at the helm today. Produced by the oldest active distillery in Latin America, La Rojena Distillery of Jalisco Mexico, this premium tequila is made from the juices of mature Mexican blue agave plant and is aged anywhere from 2 months to 10+ years, depending on the release. Jose Cuervo was there from the very beginning of the tequila industry and honors this prized heritage with every bottle of exceptionally crafted tequila.
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